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Choosing the hearing aid


After the diagnosis we can choose the type of hearing aid


You will have the chance to test the selected hearing aids

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We have 5 ranges, from Basic to Premium.

Prices vary according to the technological level, the higher the level the higher its cost but also its quality. 

It is about giving the best personalized service, and this implies extensions of the guarantee, the inclusion of other technicel hearing helps (such as a television receiver or a remote control to facilitate the management of the programs and the volume of your hearing aid), custom molds and battery or charger supply.

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Akustik services always include free quarterly reviews as well as remote connection assistance if your hearing aid and your mobile device or tablet allow it. This is not an extra expense. In the event of a breakdown, we will provide you with a replacement hearing aid.


Why Packs?

Because it´s not about selling a hearing aid. We offer you the full service

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